The menu for one week in autumn (3)

The bill of fare for seven days in September – November

I can’t decide what to buy when I go shopping for the materials of meal every week, so I consider the dinner menu for one-week in each season. This is the memo (3) about the bill of fare for seven days in September – November.
This menu is just reference because it is changed for what to buy to see the things sold in supermarket. Therefore, I pick-up 4 kinds of materials for one-menu.

The menu for one week


day of week menu material
Monday Hamburg Steak miso soup hamburg steak 8
cabbage 0.5
tofu 1
Tuesday beef bowl miso soup beef 500 g
onion 3
mushroom 1 bag
Wednesday Meuniere of white fish miso soup white fish 8 slices
shredded cabbage 1 bag
Tursday Omelette rice chicken 500 g
onion 2
ketchup 1
egg 6
Friday Ebichiri soup shrimp 2 bags
ebichiri souce 2 bags
egg 3
Saturday Japanese pizza pork 5 packs
seafood 2 bags
cabbage 1
Sunday Sukiyaki chicken 500 g
pork 500 g
onion 1
mushroom 2 bags
The list of ingredients


cabbage 1.5
shredded cabbage 1 bag
onion 6
mushroom 3 bag
chicken 1000 g
beef 500 g
pork 505 packs
shrimp 2 bags
white fish 8 slices
seafood 2 bags
egg 9
tofu 1
ebichiri souce 2 bags
ketchup 1
hamburg steak 8



I prepare 4 pattern [(1)-(4)] in each season and reconsider the menu & the quantity of material.

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